Top Rim Embossed Anti-Skid Bowl

Stainless Steel Top Rim Embossed Anti-Skid bowls with high quality mirror finish for your loving pets. Features a non-slip rubber ring at the base which prevents the bowl from tipping or sliding when your furry friend is eating. These dishes are odorless and dishwasher safe. Available in various styles and sizes.

Attractive “Paw” and “Bone” embossed on top rim.



Stainless Steel Top Rim Embossed Anti Skid Bowls

Capacity Measurements
8oz  0.20 l/ø 11 cm
16oz  0.50 l/ø 14 cm
24oz  0.70 l/ø 16 cm
32oz  0.90 l/ø 17 cm
64oz  1.75 l/ø 20 cm
96oz  2.80 l/ø 24 cm


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